Dear User,

the following are the Terms of use of the Web Service https://excursions.kiev.travel  (“Web Service”), through which Users can order services using the functions and interface offered by the Administrator. Users have the opportunity to read the letter of services on the Web Service and receive services, as well as contacts, bank accounts of persons who provide them.

User agrees with the rules of the site, privacy policy, and agrees to the processing of personal data.

The use of the Web Service Terms of Service extends to individuals and legal entities.

If you do not agree with any provision of the Terms, you have to stop using the Web Service.

Administrator and Processor of personal data,  that provides access to the Web service on the terms set out in Terms of Use of Web service and Privacy Policy.

User – the legally competent individual aged 16 years who has an account in the Web service or performs actions that indicate its use of the Web service.

Account  – the user account containing the authentication and other data provided by the User while using the Service.

Privacy Policy – the document that governs privacy rules, the registration, collection, storage and use of personal data in the use of the Web Service.

Other terms not indicated above are determined in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.


The User is obliged to follow the Terms after / during the visit to the web address

Only legally capable persons over the age of 16 may use the Web service.

The Administrator is not responsible for the fact of incorrect settlement of the User or the provision of services of improper quality on the Web Service. Settlements between the Parties on the Web Service are made in the currency - hryvnia at the interbank rate at the time of settlement.

Despite the fact that the Administrator makes every effort to ensure the availability, completeness and proper operation of the Web Services for the widest possible range of users, the Administrator provides the Web Services to Users on the basis of “as is” and “as available”.



User has the right to:

      independently, at its own discretion, choose the items presented in the menu of the Web Service;

      send complaints to the Administrator because of violation of his rights under these Terms and applicable law. Such complaints are sent by sending an e-mail to the email specified in the "Contacts'' section.

User shall:

      adhere to these Terms and additional Rules of residence, excursions, etc., presented on the Web Service and promptly read their current version;

      not to change the Web Service, not to decompile its code and not to create derivative products on the basis of the Web Service or its parts without the consent of the Administrator;

      not to perform any actions as a result of which the functionality of the Web Service is subjected to a disproportionately large and unreasonable load (for example, sending mass emails);

      do not interfere with the Web Service software or its functional elements, including the posting on the Web Service of materials infected with viruses, malware or other elements that may damage or affect the software structure of the Web Service.


The User understands that the Web Service is an interface to a decentralized platform through which Users can view the list of services provided in the Web Service and obtain contacts, bank accounts (if any) of the persons providing them, however, it does not provide for mechanisms to enforce cooperation with persons providing such services.


The Administrator provides Users with the Web Service and mobile application for its use and ensures their operation.

The Administrator has the right to unilaterally make changes to the Rules on the site or on the web page that is reported to the User.

In case of violation of these Rules by the User and/or the presence of complaints on his Account by other Users, the Administrator has the right, unilaterally, to block the User’s access to the Web Service in whole or in part.


Materials uploaded / posted by the Administrator on the Web Service are the objects of his intellectual property rights, respectively all exclusive intellectual property rights namely: exclusive right to use the work; exclusive right to authorize or prohibit the use of the work by others the graphic materials / inscriptions (as a single product) that will be created / modified will belong exclusively to the Administrator and will operate in all countries of the world throughout the term of protection of intellectual property rights in accordance with the legislation granting such protection.


Intellectual property protection provisions also apply to certain components of the software (databases, source codes, libraries, certain non-independent software components, etc.), video / photo / audio, text and graphics of any type. Therefore, the User may not use and / or transfer to others such individual components of the Web Service software to create software that is similar, ideologically and conceptually similar, has identical or similar functions and / or ways of working, and is aimed at achieving the same or similar result achieved with the Web Service software.


In case of violation by the User of the Terms on the use and transfer of intellectual property, the Administrator has the right to apply to the relevant authority of Ukraine, authorized to consider / resolve these disputes, to claim damages for this violation. The amount of damages incurred by the Administrator as a result of illegal use of intellectual property by third parties is determined in the relevant claim by the Administrator independently: from 25,000 hryvnias for each violation


In accordance with these Terms, the User gives the Administrator the right to mention the User as a user of the Administrator's services, refer to the User, or photos depicting the User for advertising and informational purposes, use for this purpose logo (trademark), name and / or trade name User.


The Web service is not responsible for the quality of the public communications network channels that provide access to the service or the User.

The Web Service is not responsible for the User's visit to third-party websites, links to which are posted on the Web Service, and for the actions of third parties (other contractors) that offer / perform their services through the Web Service.

If for any reason the User has changed the email address or other data specified during registration, the User is obligated to change them also in their Web service account. Otherwise, there may be problems with the use of the account, for which the Web service is not responsible.

The administrator does not guarantee the uninterrupted, error-free work of the Web service or the absence of other defects. The Administrator is not liable for any losses and lost profits caused by the violation of the Web Service and/or impossibility of its use (including because of the blocking of the User’s access to the Web Service in whole or in part).

Parties (Administrator, User) are released from liability for non-compliance with the Rules if their performance is obstructed by circumstances such as fire, accident, strike, war, other military conflict, other circumstances of force majeure or legislative provisions, orders, directives of state institutions, in within the framework of the influence of the said obstacles, restrictions or actions and upon the prior notification of this other Party.

The Administrator refuses to provide any explicit or implied warranties regarding the Web Service, including the guarantees of accuracy, reliability, relevance, timeliness, completeness, availability, ability to achieve any purpose, that when using the Application There will be no errors, interruptions, interruptions, damages, delay in the forwarding operation, communication problems, destruction, unauthorized access, changes in information placed on the Web service or on any device (computer, pad, mobile phone, TVs, e-books and clocks with Internet access, etc.) by the user of the Web-service.



This Privacy Policy is developed in accordance with the Terms of Use of the Web service and the current legislation of Ukraine and the European Union and other laws and regulations regulating activities in the area of collecting, processing, storing and using personal data), including the current General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 .

This Privacy Policy was created in order to acquaint you (as users of web services) with the rules of collection, processing, storage and use of your personal data provided while using the web service (in the application form, etc.).


In case of any use of the Web Service, you may be asked to provide certain information about yourself. The provision of such information is not mandatory, since the Administrator does not require you to provide any personal data. But if you refuse to provide certain personal information, you will not be able to use some of our functions and capabilities given by the Web-service.

Processing and storing of personal data occurs only after the user's clear consent to such actions.

The web service can request data from other social networks and resources for quick login to the site. The web service provides a clear list of social networks, applications and resources that can transfer personal information to the user: Facebook, Google.

The amount of downloads from other social networks, applications, and data resources corresponds to the privacy policies of the relevant social networks, applications, and resources.

The consent of the User to transfer data from other social networks, resources, applications is clearly articulated and accessible. Consent is expressed by clicking on the affixing in the corresponding information window.

Issues regarding the scope and type of data transmitted from other social networks, applications, and resources are resolved through access to technical and information support services for relevant social networks, applications, and resources.


1)             Personal e-mail is used for sending important messages regarding the confirmation of operations performed by the Web service, sending important information about the Web service, warning users of changes in the Web service, sending information, promotional messages and news.

2)            Phone number is used for identifying the client as a registered user of the Web-service, communication between the Web-Service Manager and User, preventing access to your personal data by third parties and to prevent any fraudulent actions.

3)            Information provided during correspondence with the technical support of the Web Service is used to provide technical support to users on issues related at work with the Web service: registration or removal of registration data, restoration of access to personal data (recovery of lost password, login, restoration closed account), providing assistance in other matters that arise when you are using the Web service.

4)            The user's IP address is used to create statistics about visiting the Web Service by Users, preventing fraudulent actions, and identifying the User.

5)             User's bank account number  – may be known to the Administrator, in case of payment by the User for the services received on the Web Service.


Personal data is processed and stored to achieve the goals specified in this Privacy Policy. Once the goals are met, the information is deleted.

The information specified by the User is removed in full after reaching the ultimate goal - ending the use of the Web Service and deleting the account.


We use cookies to improve and make the Web Service user-friendly. In the presented Cookie Policy, Users can get acquainted with the main list of cookies that we use and the purpose of such use.

The user may prohibit the use of cookies, block or delete them (змінивши відповідні налаштування у функціоналі браузеру). We use these cookies on the Web Service.

Basic cookies are cookies issued directly from the Web Service that are used to identify language and location settings or to provide basic browser / site functionality.


Third-party cookies belong to other parties and are managed / provided by third parties. In this case, the person also agrees to collect cookies after visiting the Web Service after affixing an affidavit in the appropriate information window. Until then, the User agrees to the use of such cookies.

Functional cookies are necessary for the organization of services by the Administrator on the Web Service and improve the ease of use of the Web Service for the User. These files are stored throughout the time of use of the Web Service and help ensure the security and basic functions of the Web Service.

Analytical cookies play a statistical function and are used to understand the behavior and actions of Users. The files are processed by the Administrator to build an idea of ​​how effective the Web Service is, what functions need to be technically improved, and to determine how effective and high-quality communication between the Administrator and the User is.


The Administrator assumes obligations not to disclose, to exchange, or in other ways to transfer your personal data outside the Administrator, its subsidiaries, affiliates and strategic partners without your express consent, if such actions have no legal grounds.

Except for the cases listed below, The Administrator can share your personal information with subsidiaries and affiliates, strategic partners. This is necessary to provide you with ordered services. These companies are obliged to follow the rules on the protection of personal information obtained from the Administrator. We can also provide access to your personal data to systems of collecting statistics (Google Analytics etc.), social networks, and others.

We can get access to your personal data, process, store and share your personal information when we have a serious assumptions that it is necessary for:

        implementation of legislative requirements, support of judicial process or fulfillment of legal requirements of law enforcement agencies, public authorities or other competent authorities;

        protection of the Web service Users from possible actions of spamming or committing fraudulent actions against users;

        protection of private property, intellectual property rights and rights of the Administrator, other users and the public, in the form and to the extent required by the current legislation.

In the cases mentioned above the access to your confidential information is given without your consent.


If the Administrator participates in the process of restructuring (merger, acquisition or sale of assets), the User’s personal data (as one of the Administrator’s assets) may be transferred to other participants of this restructuring. You will be notified in advance about any changes in the privacy policy connected with the Administrator’s restructuring.


These Terms and Policy are mandatory for the use of the Web Service and/or with the availability of the Account in the Web Service. The User has the right at any time to refuse to comply with these Terms by terminating the use of the Web Service or deleting a Web Service Account.

The Parties (Administrator, User) have agreed that resolving any disputes arising from the use of the Web Service shall be conducted through negotiations and in accordance with these Terms. If the Parties fail to reach an agreement by negotiation, the dispute must be submitted to the court.

The resolution of any disputes between the Users shall be in accordance with the procedure provided for by the legislation of Ukraine.

If you use our software products after we have made changes to the Privacy Policy, we will send you a letter asking you to confirm the processing of your personal data in accordance with the terms of the updated Privacy Policy.

We recommend you to review periodically our Privacy Policy in order to be informed on the procedure of collection, use and storage of your personal data.

For any questions relating to these Terms, the Privacy Policy and/or the use of the Web Service, the User may contact the Administrator at the contact email address:  hello@kiev.travel